semi-canon 5th Pass Pern | 18+
A long war-torn Interval has left the Pernese bitterly divided--yet if they are to survive the Fifth Pass, they must unite once more. To this end, three weyrs have made a pact to keep the peace: this is the Weyrwatch.
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July 22nd, 2020
Weyrwatch is a semi-canon Pern site set at the dawn of the Fifth Pass and the end of the first Long Interval. Thread's 400-turn absence lead to its being forgotten by much of the Pernese, and the emboldened Lord Holders began to focus on expanding and growing their lands. War inevitably resulted among the holders. The conflict eventually spread to the weyrs--with catastrophic results. The reappearance of Thread necessitated the establishment of a shaky truce, but decades of conflict cannot be so easily forgotten. The Pernese must learn to work together once more while facing the effects of war on both human and dragon. At the same time, long-held prejudices are being increasingly challenged by the resurgence of female greenriders.

We feature the five canon colours only (plus white dragonkin), two playable locations (Fort Weyr and a southern camp established by deserters), and no sexuality-based Impressions. Weyrwatch is LGBTQ+ friendly; LGBTQ+ characters and dragonkin are always welcome.
updated 7/21/2020

  1. We will be holding a senior gold flight in August--the winner will be the weyr's new Weyrleader!
  2. A whole bunch of plot happenings are taking place: the deserters have made a number of vital discoveries in the South, and peace in the North faces threats on all sides.
  3. Our first PC dragon clutch is tentatively scheduled for early 2021.