Why list your resources with The Roleplay Network?

It might seem redundant, listing your resources with yet another resource site. There are so many fantastic communities out there, so many amazing groups dedicated to resources and resource-making, it might feel like a lot of effort to list your resources with The Roleplay Network as well. 

Here's what makes TRN different.

We list links to your resources, not the resource content.

  • That means all of your content stays with you, where you want it to be. You can also list as many links to your content as you need, making it easy to find all of your links to that resource whenever you need to edit or update that content.

Our tag-based search makes it easy to find what you need, and where to go to get it.

  • The RPC is supported by so many amazing communities on forums and blogs, but those communities don't always have the greatest search facilities. TRN utilises a faceted tag search system and visual displays to help narrow down what's out there. Our aim is to support the RPC by using our search facility to drive traffic to existing communities and blogs where the content is hosted. 

Your content, your control. Always.

  • We believe that your content should always be yours, and you'll always be able to edit, and even delete listings you no longer want available on TRN.

Show off your resources all at once with your user profile.

  • Your user profile will list any resources you've submitted to TRN in a simple tabbed list. You can find out more about creating your RP portfolio in this article.

Link resources to the resource hubs they're available at.

  • Similar to how resources appear on the user profile, they can also be configured to appear under the resource hub listing of any resource hub that is listed in our directory. All you need to do is include it in the "link resource hub" field of the listing.

Choose where people go to find you, and where they get support.

  • You may have the same resource listed in multiple places, but have a particular place you prefer to provide support. Our listings allow you to nominate a link as your Preferred Support place, so users know where to go to find you when they need to. Or if you choose not to offer support, you can indicate that as well.

As many tags as you need, and more as you need them.

  • Our system doesn't limit the number of tags on a listing, and our tag suggestions field makes it easy to suggest/request new tags needed to categorise your submission properly. 

In short, our aim is to use our powerful search system to help roleplayers find what they need, and drive traffic to the roleplay communities and blogs that support them. Use TRN to show off your hard work, and have roleplayers who love your resources find you in the communities already make home.

We're not yet another resource site: we're a new way to find what you need across the roleplay community.